Ultra City Smiths – Season 1

Client: AMC+
Studio: Stoopid Buddy Toronto

Executive Producers: Steve Conrad
Producer: Josh Larsen
Production Company: Elephant Pictures
Director: David Brooks

Art Department
Art Director: Josh Mahan
Assistant Art Dir: Nikki Woolsey
Art Dept Coordinator: Jess Arnold

This one was a real challenge, starting with 2 weeks quarantine in Canada. I was tasked with building an entire art department from the ground up in a new facility in Toronto for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. We started with nothing and finished with the gritty streets of Ultra City brought to life. All during a pandemic. I’m super proud of my team and what they managed to achieve in such a short time all while dealing with weekly Covid testing, social distancing, masks, and material shortages.It was also the shortest deadline from greenlight to delivery ever produced at the studio.


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