The Shivering Truth – Season 2

Client: Adult Swim
Studio: House Special LLC

Executive Producers: Vernon Chatman, Cat Solen
Producer: Rebecca Bowen
Production Company: PFFR
Director: Cat Solen

Art Department
Art Director: Josh Mahan
Assistant Art Dir/Shop Lead: Chris Herndon
Art Dept Coordinator: Zoe Hays

I had the pleasure of art directing all 6 episodes of season 2 of The Shivering Truth (Created by Vernon Chatman) for Adult Swim with director Cat Solen at House Special. Due to the surreal nature of the series my team was tasked with creating over 120 sets in just under 4 months. I can’t thank my amazing art team enough for making it happen. You can see the entire season now on Be warned, it may be best not to binge watch this one!


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